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Relax at Our Tropical Massage Center in Kona, HI

Relax with one of the many massage treatments offered at our tropical massage center in Kona, HI. At Mamalahoa Hot Tubs & Massage, we want to help you relax by combining the healing benefits of purified hot tubs with the gentle relaxation that massage therapy provides. Our skilled massage therapists even offer Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi healing techniques to help you further enter a state of Zen. 

Our Massages

Massage treatments are not only pleasurable; they also offer a number of significant health benefits. A relaxing massage is known to relieve several conditions, including:

• Anxiety

• Headaches

• Digestive Problems

• Insomnia

• Soft Tissue Strains

• Sports Injuries

• Fibromyalgia Pain

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Additionally, with all of our massages, we offer natural lotions and oils to further help you relax and provide aromatherapy. Some of the massages we offer include:.

Hawaiian Pohaku Wela Hot Stone Massage

When you’re ready to enjoy an ultimate relaxation journey, let one of our skilled massage therapists help you and your partner achieve a deep and rejuvenating sense of peace and well-being. Our deep tissue massage is something that will provide you with inner peace. It's an incredible way to end your visit with us and leave feeling uplifted and refreshed.

Whether you require a massage for medical reasons or because life has been hectic and you need a way to unwind, our talented therapists will help you accomplish a peaceful state. We’re set in a location that in itself provides great serenity to all who visit. An oasis awaits you—don’t hesitate any longer!

Contact our serene hot tub and massage company to experience a peaceful, relaxing journey. We proudly serve Kona, HI, and the surrounding area.

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About Us

At Mamahahoa Hot Tubs & Massage, we take pride in offering a uniquely relaxing massage experience that's off-the-beaten-path. Nestled along the misty gentle slopes of Mauna Loa, our Hawaiian spa offers guests a simple concept — warm bubbling waters to relax the nervous system and soothe the soul, and extraordinary massage by the best spa in Kona. Our team is comprised of highly seasoned and well-trained massage therapists, all in a secret, tropical garden hideaway setting. Make an appointment and visit us in Kealakekua, Hawaii today.

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